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3-Day Boot Camp Program

3-Day Boot Camp

28-Hour Webinar Course

14 Hours of Webinar Video Training Provided

Guide, Workbook, Electronic Template

Includes Maverick's Guide, Workbook and All our Electronic Templates

Investor Pitch Day & All Events

Day 3 - Investor Pitch Day - You'll be pitching real investors

1-Year of Weekly Workshops

One-on-one support and 1 Year of Weekly Workshop support meetings

CapitalBridge & 1,000 of Investors

Unlimited access to our CapitalBridge - with direct connection to 1,000's of Accredited Investors

Only 40 Entrepreneurs per boot camp with 4 trainers. We work with you individually

Maverick's Signature

3-Day Boot Camp Program, Investor Pitch Day &

Investor Program 

June24-26, 2017

Space is Limited!
Only 40 Entrepreneurs per Boot Camp
(10:1 Ratio - Entrepreneurs to trainers)


The 8-Steps of Raising CapitalTM


Maverick's Next Signature

3-Day Boot Camp

and Investor Pitch Day

Next  Boot Camp: June  24-26, 2017 - St. Petersburg, FL


What’s included in Your 3-Day Boot Camp?

  • 3-Days of Live Boot Camp Training with our Team of Experts – class are limited to 40 entrepreneurs per boot camp – with 1 trainer per 10 entrepreneurs


  • Investor Practice-Pitch Day (Day 3) - where you’ll have 10 minutes to pitch to real investors your deal, and then 10 minutes for Q&A with the investor panel


  • Our Battle Guide - Maverick's comprehensive textbook


  • Our Electronic Templates (See Maverick Electronic Templates below) and support in completing them


  • 14-hours of Webinar Training Videos that walk you through the process of creating your Due Diligence Checklist


  • 12-months of bi-weekly local and webinar workshops taught by Maverick’s Team of Capital-Raising Experts


  • Monthly access to Investor Practice-Pitch Days


  • Access to our entire family of Entrepreneurs – we know the power of synergy and camaraderie


  • Our CapitalBridge Newsletter


  • Quarterly Maverick Meet & Pitch Events (beginning Q2-2017)

  • Access to Maverick’s network of 1,000's of Accredited Investors upon certification

June  24-26 Boot Camp will be at the:

Marriott St. Petersburg, FL

12600 Roosevelt Blvd N, St. Petersburg, FL 33716

Main #: (727) 572-7800

More Information:

Training Location: 

The training will be at the Marriott St. Petersburg, (right outside of Tampa).   

Arrival Time: 

Please arrive by 9:00 AM on both Saturday and Sunday; and then again 9:00AM on Monday at the Hotel Location for Pitch Day.  This is a workshop – each seminar will be approximately 50 minutes long with teaching and hands-on action.  There will be a 10-minute break between each seminar. See the schedule below. If you’re late, please come regardless. We just ask that you respect the learning of the other entrepreneurs and slip in quietly. If you need to miss a day, Please advise one of your instructors if you will be absent at all.


What to Bring to the Boot Camp:

  • Your Maverick Entrepreneurs’ Battle Guide (sent to you upon sign-up)

  • A laptop computer with MS Word and Excel (doesn’t matter which version of MS Office you have). Preferably, this laptop will have a wireless internet connection. There will be free wireless connection in the training room. 

  • Your Maverick's USB Drive with Electronic Templates (sent to you at sign-up)

  • Your current business plan, structure or collateral material for reference.  Please note if you have not yet started business plan -  this is NOT a problem.  You will be able to complete it after the boot camp.  

  • A calculator (optional) and pen/paper for notes

  • If you've completed your 6-Business Modeling Diagrams (Optional) per the 14 hours of Webinars and Guide, please bring these diagrams. 

What to Wear to Training and Meals/Drinks

Please wear business casual or business attire each day, EXCEPT on the last day when you will be pitching investors. On Monday, you should wear your best business attire to impress investors. Every day you will be given an hour lunch break.  There will be drinks (coffee/soda/water) available all day. On Monday after the Investor Combat Experience, we will be hosting a complimentary Graduation Celebration hour with our Investors where you can mingle and further discuss your businesses. 

Photo Release and Confidentiality Agreement: 

Maverick may film certain section of this boot camp seminar.  All entrepreneurs will need to sign a photo release. However, if you do not want to be featured in any one-on-one testimonials or have your pitch filmed, we will respect that. Please just indicate this on your photo release that will be given to you on the first day. Additionally, all entrepreneurs and investors will be signing a mutual Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement first thing in the boot camp so that you and everyone else can feel free to discuss your business model with your peer entrepreneurs, instructors and the investors.

Investor Pitch Day on Monday:  

Please bring your prototypes or photos of them (if applicable) and collateral materials that you can use to pitch investors. You will only have approximately 20 minutes total. This is done like it is in real life – you only have a few minutes to catch their attention. If you have a story-board/diagram that explains your business model, we will have an easel and a table that you can use to display it. You will only have a few minutes to set up in between your pitch and the entrepreneur before you. Unlike television shows you see, investors will not be making money offers at this pitch session, (because that’s not how it’s done in reality), but they will be telling you if they’re interested in learning more about your business and you’ll be given their direct contact information. Fear not, you will also have 1,000’s of other opportunities to pitch investor via Maverick Investors Group and our state-of-the art Web platform. These investors are your practice session, but they too can fund you if they desire. 

Schedule a Call with Team Maverick First

A Maverick Team Member will email you with times to schedule call.

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