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Veteran entrepreneur, leading business coach and CEO of Maverick Entrepreneurs LLC, Erica Drake takes you through a two-part proven approach to the process of raising capital for your privately held company. In Part I of her Battle Guide (Guide), she teaches you using diagrams and simple examples the Maverick Approach – an 8-Step method of systematically approaching the daunting task of raising capital.

In Part II of the Guide, theory turns into action! Drake gives you a checklist of items you need to complete, with detailed templates to build each item of your Strategic Battle Plan. Finally, Drake gives you sample investor questions and answers to prepare for your presentation, along with where to find 1,000’s of real accredited investors to pitch and close your deal. You can raise the capital you need to make your dreams come true – you just need to follow behind a seasoned warrior who's done many times it before.

Combined Training Guide and Electronic Templates

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