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"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war,
while defeated warriors go to war first
and then seek to win."    Sun Tzu


Maverick trains entrepreneurs how to raise capital correctly,

and then when they're fully ready,

we introduce them to our network of 1,000's of investors

and help them close their funding.

Capital-Raising Entrepreneur: (noun)

A passionate business professional who has created a company, but who now needs capital to build or grow it, or to purchase another company; a business executive that needs funding for their dream to survive or thrive; a Maverick Entrepreneur, who against all odds, refuses to fail.
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First and foremost, you must understand that raising capital is a painstaking PROCESS - for any executive!  It's a brutal battle and an emotional roller coaster that requires skills, strategy and stamina. Unfortunately, it's not enough to be just creative and courageous in the battle - you must have certain skills and practical experience.  Please don't go into this capital-raising battle with the habit of "ready - fire - aim," because you might not get a second shot.  You must learn certain skills, methodologies and strategies and then turn them into a natural reflex.  

Raising capital, in its purest form, is just a sales process. But there's an art to this sale (or persuasion).  You must be able to convince the investor that their rewards for investing in your company will far outweigh any risks. Maverick prepares and teaches our entrepreneurs this art using our practical, step-by-step method coupled with our  tools and services.  Anyone can understand the process.  The question is are you willing to commit to taking the massive action required?


Our Family of Capital-Raising Warriors

You don't have to go through this battle alone. In Maverick's family, we don't think you're crazy - in fact, we encourage your passion and creativity while completely empathizing with your plight. Maverick works with all entrepreneurs at every stage of development. We're a brotherhood of kindred souls, forged in fire and impassioned by our dreams. The unique synergy, energy and camaraderie of our family of warriors working together fuels everyone's passion. This cohesiveness  bond of courage and creativity becomes our powerful secret force multiplier! 

Maverick GraduateTM: (noun)

A impassioned entrepreneur that seeks to be one of the elite entrepreneurs of the world and who has committed to do the hard work required to raise capital; An entrepreneurs who has completed one of Maverick's two boot camp programs: (1) our signature 3-Day Boot Camp and Investor Pitch Day, or (2) Maverick's 28-Hour Webinar Boot Camp




The 8-Steps to Raising Capital

Maverick Entrepreneurs is NOT a seminar company! Our boot  camps are intense, practical, hands-on workshops where we teach, prepare and support entrepreneurs on their capital-raising journey. Boot Camps are limited to 40 entrepreneurs with 4 expert trainers.  We make you better than you knew you could be because there's no room for weakness on these front lines!  

Our two Boot Camp Programs are just the initiation into Maverick. Once you complete the boot camp, the tough  work begins.  Through our weekly local workshops and webinars, we continue to work with all of our entrepreneurs until they either succeed or give up!  Our boot camp programs provided: 

  • Weekly on-going support from our team of experts 

  • Our textbook (Guide) and electronic templates 

  • Access to our web platform 's robust tools and services for preparation and prospecting to our network of 1,000 of investors, and more...

Don't worry: our boot camps are affordable for any entrepreneur. We know what it's like to be a starving  entrepreneur - full of passion but short on funds.   Our business model is based upon us successfully helping you achieve your funding goals - not milking you for monthly fees.

About Maverick's Boot Camp Programs
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PrimaWarriorTM: (noun)

The best-of-the-best warrior; a strategic entrepreneur that is ready for any battle; a Maverick entrepreneur that is ready to start prospecting, pitching and closing investors; a totally vetted entrepreneur that has a deal worthy of being funded.
Web Platform - CapitalBridge
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Once our entrepreneurs are totally prepared and vetted by our team of experts, they become "PrimaWarriors." Maverick then give our entrepreneurs access to our revolutionary FIN Tech web platform that we call our "CapitalBridge."  This closed network platform provides our PrimaWarriors with tools and services to help efficiently and effectively prospect our network of 1,000's of accredited investors.  Our investors include:

  • Angel Investors

  • Venture Capitalist

  • Private Equity Funds

  • Hedge Funds 

  • Family Offices

  • All types of Debt Lenders

Additionally, Maverick will soon have its own internal Seed and VC Fund (Spring 2017).   

Maverick Investor: (noun)

An astute accredited investor seeking fully vetted deals with strong ROI potential; an investor who prefers virgin deals which are totally organized, completely polished and ready to be funded; an investor who only wants to review elite deals; a decision-making investor which can write a check should they desire.



Over the past two decades, Team Maverick has developed an enviable network of accredited investors.  These investors are from every type of funding source.  They include:

  • Angel Investors

  • Venture Capital Funds

  • Private Equity Funds

  • Family Offices

  • HNWI and UHNWI

  • Hedge Funds

  • Debt Lenders (of all types)

  • Merchant Banks, and other alternative funding sources.

There is no cost to become part of Maverick's investors network, unless the investor desires priority viewing of all new deals. 

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