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Maverick's Capital-Raising

Electronic Templates


All electronic templates are customizable and available in Microsoft (c) Office Suite Programs.  Templates follow Maverick's Guide where entrepreneurs can find step-by-step directions on how to utilize all of the templates.  

What’s Included:

    Maverick’s Due Diligence Checklist - PDF
    Maverick’s Business Plan Template (MS Word)
    Maverick’s 5-Year Financial Projection Templates (MS Excel)
    Pitch Deck and Maverick Pitch Card Templates (MS Word & MS Publisher)
    Valuation Justification Template - PDF
    Corporate Bylaws Template (or Operating Agreement Template) (MS Word)
    Board and Shareholder Minutes Templates (MS Word)
    Employment Agreement Template (MS Word)
    Employee Handbook Template (MS Word)
    Non-Disclosure, Non-Circumvent Agreement Template (NDA) (MS Word)

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