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Weekly Workshop Login & Mutual NDA

Confidentiality & Proprietary Information of Attendees:  For purposes of Maverick Entrepreneurs’ training program, all information shared by any participant of this training is considered confidential and proprietary information shall mean and include all proprietary and confidential information, that is owned solely by the attendee (entrepreneur) that shared it including, but not limited to the names of principals and managers, locations, production processes, customer and supplier lists, financial statements, costs and expense data, production processes and data, trade secrets, secret processes and formula, plants and other properties, technology, marketing and customer data, etc., and such other information as may be supplied by the respective parties that is not generally ascertainable from public or published information or trade sources.

The attendees of Maverick’s Workshops or Boot Camp Programs each hereby undertakes and agrees to retain in confidence and to require its respective employees, consultants, professional representatives, and agents to retain in confidence all such confidential information and further undertakes and agrees not to use or disclose to others, or permit the use or disclosure of, any such confidential information obtained from or revealed by the other party.

Photo and Alcoholic Beverages Release:  From time to time, Maverick Entrepreneurs LLC (dba/Maverick Entrepreneurs or Maverick) will host Entrepreneurial Selection Social (“Socials”) for entrepreneurs to meet each other and learn about Maverick’s services.  Maverick may provide complimentary appetizers and beverages to all attendees.  These beverages may include alcoholic beverages.  Additionally, from time to time, photographs or videos may be taken at these Social Events that become the property of Maverick and may be used in marketing efforts.  By attending any of these Social events and signing below you hereby agree to the following: (1) Maverick has no liabilities in any way if you choose to drink any alcoholic beverages and Maverick highly encourages you to drink responsibly; and (2) You allow Maverick to utilize any photographs or videos that may have you in the photograph for any of their marketing efforts.  

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