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The Extraordinary Virgin Deal

You seek the next iconic brand and you want first dibs at funding it. It’s a tall order for sure! So let’s analyze the two elements of your order: (1) you want an extraordinary deal; AND (2) you want a virgin deal – one that no one else has seen yet – is that right?

Extraordinary Deals starts with 3-Dimensional Thinkers: The difference between the elite 3-dimensional thinking entrepreneur and the normal everyday binary entrepreneur is the depth created by seeing a deal from investor’s perspective. Instinctively entrepreneurs see their dream from the inside-out – the black and white blueprint of their dream. However, they must be taught to think from the outside-in (the investor’s perspective). It’s only when they have this third perspective that they can create an extraordinary deal. An entrepreneur must learn to turn their paradigm inside-out to see their weaknesses thus allowing the business model, presentation of the deal and team to have this 3-dimensional aspect. Unfortunately though, entrepreneurs don’t know what they don’t know. They can’t see the flaws or weaknesses in their businesses and their natural propensity to be impatient and impetuous often drives them to their doom.

So how does one create a 3-dimensionally thinking entrepreneur? You explain the investor’s perspective of risk verses reward and then you give them no other options! You focus and drive them to grow this third-eye. And, if entrepreneur refuses or gives up – well they simply die off. It’s a totally Darwinistic approach! Therefore, the regimen and receipt for an extraordinary entrepreneur is this:

The entrepreneur must properly plan, prepare and have a solid proven idea before talking to any investors

The entrepreneurial team must be well rounded, educated in the language of investors, highly experienced in their field of expertise and have the desire, determination and discipline of a front-line warrior. Only the cream will always rises to the top!

The business model must be innovative and in an opportunistic market; Small markets mean small money and aren’t sexy at all

Then the business model must be verbally described, visually presented and interactively demonstrated. Every department must be interactively linked together in a cohesive workflow with all the details showcased.

And finally, the business model must be financially sexy – no investor gets excited without fully understanding every aspect of the financials, particularly the revenue centers, cash flow and the exponential growth opportunities.

Please keep in mind – extraordinary deals don’t materialize – they are made! And it’s not a 3-5 day process – its a long-term commitment to create these elite warriors and battle plans. If the entrepreneur and the teacher are not both 200% committed – the end result won’t be worth reviewing!

Virgin Deals are found on Main Street. Let’s face it: Silicon Valley doesn’t have a monopoly on hot deals, geniuses and visionaries! Yes, it has a few big notches in its belt – but there’s a whole world outside of the Valley. The next great iconic deals will be found on the Main Streets’ of the world. However, to uncover these undiscovered treasures, you need, once again, a 3-dimentional perspective: a grass-root presence coupled with a cloud-based technology platform married with a long-term commitment. Without these three critical elements – the hidden deals of the Main Streets of the world will never materialize.

The Extraordinary Virgin Deal-Flow Machine is Built. Maverick Entrepreneurs ( has created this very educational and funding machine (platform) that produces these exact extraordinary virgin deals! We’re seeking a few key strategic investment partners to be our “first-review partner”. This week and next week we’re scheduling meetings to do private live webcast of our cloud-based Deal Flow Machine (called the “Maverick’s CapitalBridge”) before we BETA launch our platform open it up our platform to all investors to see the fabulous deal flow of entrepreneurs Maverick has been working with. If interested, please email me immediately at:

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